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Advanced Certificate in Microsoft Office

Certificate in Microsoft Word
The Word Basics module is intended for individuals who are new to Microsoft Word. This module covers the fundamentals of creating and managing Word documents, such as how to navigate the Word interface, work with OneDrive, create and open documents, and save and share documents. This module is perfect for beginners who are looking to develop their Word processing skills.
The Working with Text module in the Certificate in Microsoft Word course is designed to help participants develop essential skills and techniques for working with text in Word documents. This module covers a range of topics, including adding, deleting, moving, cutting, copying, and pasting text, changing font size, color, and alignment, using the Find and Replace features, setting tabs and indents, modifying line and paragraph spacing, and adding and modifying bulleted and numbered lists and hyperlinks. By the end of this module, participants will have gained a solid understanding of how to effectively create, format, and edit text in Word documents, which will help them to produce high-quality documents efficiently and effectively.
The Page Layout module in the Certificate in Microsoft Word course is designed to teach participants how to create professional-looking documents by adjusting the layout of the page. This includes learning how to add and remove page breaks, work with columns, adjust margins, and add headers and footers. Participants will also learn how to use the page setup options to change the size and orientation of the page, and how to use section breaks to create different layouts within a single document. Additionally, the module covers how to insert page numbers, format them, and customize their appearance. By the end of this module, participants will have a strong foundation in page layout and be able to create documents that are well-organized and easy to read.
The Adding Objects module in the Certificate in Microsoft Word course covers the essential skills and techniques required to add and format various objects in your Word documents. You will learn how to insert and modify pictures, such as resizing, cropping, and compressing images, and how to add alt text for accessibility. Additionally, you will learn how to insert and format shapes, text boxes, and tables, and how to customize their appearance, such as changing borders, colors, and fill effects. You will also learn how to create and modify charts, such as selecting chart types, adding data, and modifying chart elements like legends, axes, and titles.
The Collaboration and Reviewing module in the Certificate in Microsoft Word course covers essential skills and techniques for collaborating with others and reviewing documents in Word. Participants will learn how to check the spelling and grammar of a document, track changes made to a document, add and manage comments, compare and merge multiple versions of a document, and inspect and protect a document. These tools are important for working effectively with others on a shared Word document, allowing multiple users to edit and review a document simultaneously, and ensuring that the document is free of errors and protected from unauthorized changes.
The Advanced Features module in the Certificate in Microsoft Word course covers more advanced techniques and features to enhance your documents and improve your workflow. In this module, you will learn how to use SmartArt graphics to create diagrams, flowcharts, and organizational charts that effectively communicate your ideas. You will also learn how to apply and modify styles to ensure consistent formatting throughout your document and give it a professional look. Additionally, you will learn how to use the Mail Merge feature to automate the creation of personalized letters, labels, and envelopes, saving time and effort.
In this module, you will learn about some advanced techniques to make you more proficient in using Microsoft Word. You will learn how to customize the Quick Access Toolbar and the Ribbon to better suit your workflow, use the Navigation Pane to quickly move around in long documents, and insert and work with footnotes and endnotes. Additionally, you will learn how to use the powerful search and replace tools in Word, as well as advanced formatting options such as columns, section breaks, and page borders. By the end of the module, you will have a better understanding of the many features and functionalities available in Microsoft Word and how to use them to be more productive in your work.
The Microsoft Word Assessment module is a quiz that allows learners to test their proficiency in Microsoft Word. The quiz covers a wide range of topics related to Word, including formatting text, working with objects, collaborating and reviewing, using templates, customizing Word, and more. The assessment is designed to help students identify areas where they may need additional training or practice, and to demonstrate their proficiency in Microsoft Word to potential employers or clients. The quiz includes multiple-choice questions and may also include practical exercises where learners will be asked to perform specific tasks in Word. By the end of the module, students will have a better understanding of their level of proficiency in Word and can use this information to guide their ongoing learning and development.
Certificate in Microsoft Excel
The Excel Basics module is the first module in the Certificate in Microsoft Excel course, designed for beginners who are new to Excel. In this module, participants will be introduced to the Excel environment and learn basic skills necessary to create and work with Excel workbooks. Participants will learn how to navigate the Excel interface, use the ribbon and quick access toolbar, and work with cells and ranges. The module will also cover using OneDrive, a cloud storage service that allows users to save and share their Excel workbooks with others. This module provides a foundation for the rest of the course and lays the groundwork for more advanced Excel skills covered in subsequent modules.
The Working with Cells and Sheets module provides students with fundamental skills and techniques to work effectively with cells and sheets in Excel. The module covers key topics such as cell basics, including entering, selecting, and editing cells, modifying columns, rows, and cells, and formatting cells. Participants will also learn about number formats, including currency, date and time, and percentages. The module also covers working with multiple worksheets, including how to insert, rename, move, copy, and delete worksheets. Other topics covered include using Find & Replace to quickly locate specific data in a worksheet, checking spelling, and page layout and printing options. By the end of this module, students will have the skills and knowledge to create, format, and manage cells and sheets in Excel.
The Working with Formulas and Functions module in the Microsoft Excel course is an essential component for learners looking to become proficient in using Excel for data analysis. In this module, participants will learn how to create and edit formulas in Excel, understand and use simple functions such as SUM, AVERAGE, and MAX to perform calculations, and explore more advanced functions such as IF, COUNTIF, and VLOOKUP. They will also learn how to use cell references, absolute and relative references, and how to troubleshoot formula errors. The module emphasizes hands-on practice exercises, allowing learners to work with formulas and functions in Excel and apply their newly acquired knowledge in real-world scenarios.
This module focuses on data management techniques and tools. Students will be introduced to various tips and tricks for organizing and structuring data, such as freezing panes and sorting data. They will also learn how to filter and group data effectively and use tables and charts to represent data visually. Additionally, the module covers conditional formatting, which enables learners to highlight specific data based on certain conditions. By the end of this module, students will have a strong foundation in data management skills that will help them work more efficiently and effectively in Excel.
In this module, students will explore advanced features of Microsoft Excel that will help them work more efficiently and effectively with large amounts of data. They will learn about data analysis tools such as PivotTables and PivotCharts, which can be used to quickly summarize and analyze data. The module also covers collaboration tools, including co-authoring and sharing workbooks, as well as techniques for inspecting and protecting sensitive data. By the end of this module, students will have gained advanced Excel skills that will enable them to work with complex data sets and collaborate more effectively with others.
This module aims to cover a range of additional Excel features that are not covered in detail in other modules of the course. Participants will learn about Office 365 and how it can be used to enhance their Excel experience. The module also covers the latest features in Office 2019, which includes new chart types and data analysis tools. Students will also be introduced to reference styles that can be used to ensure consistency in referencing across different Excel sheets and workbooks. The module will also provide an overview of Office Intelligent Services that can be used to simplify data entry and automate tasks. Finally, participants will learn about using the Draw tab to create custom shapes, and working with icons to improve the visual appeal of their Excel workbooks.
The Microsoft Excel Quiz module is an assessment tool designed to evaluate a student’s understanding and proficiency in using Microsoft Excel. The quiz comprises multiple-choice questions covering a broad range of topics, from basic to advanced functions, formatting, data management, and more. The module aims to help students identify areas where they need to improve their Excel skills, and it provides them with immediate feedback on their performance. Additionally, the quiz provides an opportunity for students to apply their knowledge and put their skills into practice.
Certificate in Microsoft PowerPoint
The “Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint” module is the first step for beginners who want to start learning how to use PowerPoint. In this module, you will learn the basics of the PowerPoint interface, including the Ribbon, Quick Access Toolbar, and Backstage view. You will also learn how to create and open presentations and save them in different formats. By the end of this module, you will have a basic understanding of how to use PowerPoint and be ready to move on to more advanced topics.
The Working with Slides module in PowerPoint covers the essential skills needed to create and manage presentations effectively. You’ll learn how to create and open presentations, save them, and manage slides. The module also covers how to format slides and apply themes, add transitions and animations to enhance the visual appeal, and prepare presentations for delivery. Additionally, you’ll learn how to use the Find & Replace tool to quickly update text, and how to print your slides for handouts or other purposes.
In the Working with Objects module, you will learn how to take your PowerPoint presentations to the next level by adding and formatting various types of objects. You’ll learn how to add and format text boxes, pictures, shapes, and SmartArt graphics. You’ll also learn how to align and order objects, use the Selection Pane to manage objects, and use animation effects to bring your presentation to life. By the end of this module, you will have the skills needed to create visually appealing and engaging PowerPoint presentations.
In this module, you will learn how to incorporate different types of multimedia content into your PowerPoint presentations to make them more engaging and informative. You will learn how to add videos and audio to your slides, adjust playback options, and sync them with your presentation. Additionally, the module covers the use of tables and charts to present data in a clear and organized manner, as well as the use of SmartArt graphics to illustrate concepts and ideas. You will also learn how to format and customize these objects to match the overall design of your presentation.
The Reviewing and Collaborating module in PowerPoint covers a range of topics related to collaborating on presentations with others. It includes information on checking spelling and grammar, reviewing presentations, and inspecting and protecting presentations. You’ll also learn how to use comments, track changes, and compare presentations, as well as how to share your presentations and co-author with others. This module will teach you how to effectively work with others on PowerPoint presentations, ensuring that your work is error-free and professional-looking.
The Customizing Your Presentation module in PowerPoint is designed to teach learners how to personalize their presentations by customizing the visual elements and layout. It covers various topics such as modifying themes, creating a consistent look using slide master view, and customizing the color scheme and font styles. Additionally, the module teaches how to add multimedia elements such as links, action buttons, and audio recordings to make your presentation more engaging. You will also learn how to rehearse and record your presentation to make it more polished, and share it online through various platforms. By the end of this module, learners will have the necessary skills to customize and present a professional-looking PowerPoint presentation.
In this module, you will dive deeper into Microsoft PowerPoint and learn about some advanced topics and features. The module begins with an introduction to Office 365, followed by an overview of the latest features in Office 2019. You’ll then learn about Intelligent Services, which can help you with various tasks such as design and content suggestions. Next, the module covers the Draw tab, which allows you to create and edit shapes, lines, and freeform designs in PowerPoint. Finally, you will learn about the use of icons in your presentation, which can help you to convey information more effectively. By the end of the module, you’ll have a solid understanding of how to utilize these advanced features to enhance your PowerPoint presentations.
The PowerPoint Quiz module is designed to test the knowledge and skills of learners on PowerPoint. The quiz will cover a range of topics related to PowerPoint, such as creating and formatting slides, adding and editing multimedia, applying animation effects, and presenting with confidence. The quiz will consist of a series of multiple-choice questions that will assess the learners’ proficiency in PowerPoint and help them identify areas for improvement. By taking the quiz, students will be able to reinforce their understanding of PowerPoint and enhance their ability to create effective presentations.

What Our Students Say

Daniel K.
Certificate in Google Ads
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I've just got my first Google Ads client!!

I’ve just got my first google ads client!! I’m really happy and would like to thank you guys for your help in teaching me the ins and outs of Google Ads! I loved the module on setting up your own agency. My goal is to grow mine and get more clients nowl!
Samantha M.
Certificate in Xero
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Thank you Imogen

I absolutely loved this course! Its simple structure made it easy to follow, and I want to give a special shoutout to Imogen, the fantastic tutor. She was incredibly helpful and always there whenever I got stuck.
Alex B.
Certificate in Facebook Ads
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I now run my own Facebook Ads

As a business owner I knew I had to run facebook ads if I wanted to grow but I didn’t know where to start. A friend recommended the facebook ads course here and it has been a game changer. It walked me though setting up various types of campaigns step by step and everything I learnt I now apply to my business. Also thanks to Richard for the help throughout the course!
Steven V.
Certificate in SEO
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I have a really great understanding of SEO

I can't express enough how grateful I am for the SEO course at the Online Business Academy. It provided with a really good, overall understanding of SEO principles and techniques. The tutors were also incredibly supportive and there whenever I needed help.
Darrel S.
Certificate in Accounting
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Very friendly and helpful stuff

Loved this course! It was straightforward and the staff were exceptional. I can't find any complaints, had a great learning experience and got to brush up on my accounting knowledge.
Amanda B.
Advanced Certificate in Xero
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This course exceeded my expectations

This course was absolutely fantastic! It far exceeded my expectations in terms of quality and content. The material was presented in a clear and concise manner, making it easy to understand and apply. I was impressed by the depth of knowledge covered and the practical exercises provided, which helped solidify my understanding.
Jennifer L.
Certificate in Marketing
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I recommend this to other e-comm store owners

I highly recommend the marketing course for e-commerce entrepreneurs at the Online Business Academy. The course focused on the unique challenges faced by e-comm sellers, providing valuable insights and strategies. Enrolling in this course has been a great investment so far.

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Imogen is a former Payroll Specialist with three years of experience, specializing in Xero and QuickBooks. With a deep understanding of payroll processes, regulations, and industry best practices, Imogen is dedicated to sharing her expertise as a payroll tutor. Her extensive knowledge of Xero and QuickBooks allows her to provide comprehensive training and support to students, equipping them with the skills needed to effectively manage payroll using these popular accounting software platforms.

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